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Super Mario Reusable Gift Bag (Super Mushroom) - SMALL

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Gift wrap the seasonal gift or go for a shopping run with the Super Mario Reusable Gift Bag (Super Mushroom) - SMALL.

This bag has great versitility and can be used two different ways. The bag comes with a ribbon that can be used to tie up the bag providing a great wrapping alternative for gifts. The bag has been designed to fit Nintendo Switch Lite in its original box. When not in use as a gift wrapping alternative, this bag is perfect as a shopping bag.

As a shopping bag it can be folded into a portable size, providing a great last minute option when additional space is needed. When not in use, simply fold the bag and store in the Question Mark Block pocket.

Product Features:

  • Use the Question Mark Block pocket to fold down into a compact, convenient size when not in use.

  • Made out of lightweight, strong and durable material for all your shopping and daily needs.

  • Includes a ribbon to help fasten the wrapping in place. Great premium gift wrapping alternative.

  • When in gift wrapping form, fits Nintendo Switch Lite in its box.

Materials: Polyester

Product Size:

  • While in use (excluding handle): 310mm Length x 240mm Width x 120mm Gusset (approx.)

  • When stored: 110mm Length x 110mm Width x 25mm Thickness (approx.)

  • Ribbon: 20mm Width x 1m 30cm Length (approx.)

Bag Specifications:

  • Capacity: 8L (approx.)

Ages 6 and up.

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